Jersey Fit

Sizing and Fit

A good fit is one of the primary features riders seek in a cycling jersey. Proper fit makes you feel good, look good and gives you pride in your presentation and your team. An excellent fitting jersey helps grant natural movement and makes saddle time more enjoyable.

We create our jerseys in Club Cut sizing. Club Cut offers a more comfortable, relaxed jersey than tight-fitting Race Cut jerseys worn by Tour de France and other competitive cyclists. A Club Cut jersey fits similar to a polo shirt; comfortable with room to move but still stylish. On hot days Club Cut provides better cooling as air is allowed to circulate around your body without the jersey clinging tight to your skin.


Construction and Features

Alloy CyclingWear jerseys are constructed using CoolMax technical fabric and sublimation dye ink printing. CoolMax is a 100% polyester material allowing rapid wicking of moisture on hot days for a more relaxed, comfortable and safer ride. Alloy CyclingWear jerseys are constructed using sublimation dye ink to guarantee lifelong brilliance, permanent colors and vivid designs.

Alloy CyclingWear jerseys are designed for easy care between rides and can be washed in mixed loads using cold, warm or hot water with no shrinkage or color loss.

A Fit Kit consists of one each Women’s and Men’s jersey and shorts, sizes XS – 3X

Fit Kits – “Try Before You Order”

We offer a complete sizing Fit Kit comprised of both men’s and women’s size samples XS-3XL jerseys and shorts. The Fit Kit can be used to determine exact sizing before your club places its order.

The Fit Kit can be reserved on a first come, short-term loan basis.  Please contact us using the form below for usage details.